Well Chlorination

Joseph H. Huemann & Sons, Inc

It is recommended to chlorinate or shock a well once a year to prevent illness that can come from bacterial contaminated well water. As a homeowner you can shock your own well but be prepared that this is a multiday procedure and requires safe handling of Chlorine products and knowledge of the correct procedure to ensure proper disenfection of your whole well system.

Huemann and Sons can shock your well for you and at the same time inspect the well head, wiring and other possible problem areas. Shocking of your well system will take 24 hours and requires no or limited use of the water in the home.

Chlorinated water should not be run into septic systems and should not be used for laundry as damage may occur. Trust Huemann Well Drilling to provide you with safe and effective well chlorination and peace of mind that your water has been disinfected properly. For more information call us at 800-338-0213 or contact us through our Contact Us Page.

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We believe that every water well owner should be completely informed on the technical aspects of groundwater maintenance, well construction and the pumping system.

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